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Campus Kujalleq is the centre for upper secondary and higher education in Southern Greenland. Based in Qaqortoq, Campus Kujalleq caters for the educational needs of more than 400 students.

75 staff members, mostly teachers, strive to achieve the highest level of pedagogical excellence.

Campus Kujalleq offers the following curriculums:

General education qualifying for access to higher education (3-year ‘GUX’-programme) with two options:

  • General upper secondary education provision of the Gymnasium (‘STX’-programme): The focus in the STX programme is on general education and general study preparation. The academic standard is closely linked to aspects of the academic subjects, and the students are to achieve general education and study competence in the humanities, natural science and social science with a view to being in a position to complete higher education.
  • Higher commercial examination (‘HHX’-programme): The emphasis in the HHX programme is on vocational perspectives.

The aim of providing a qualification for academic studies is realised within the areas of business economics and socio-economics combined with foreign languages and other general subjects. The education programme is to develop the students’ capacity for in-depth studies and their understanding of theoretical knowledge as tools for analysing realistic issues.

Vocational or technical education qualifying primarily for access to the labour market (4-year ‘TNI’-programme). This curriculum combines practical training with a subject-relevant school-based part. Campus Kujalleq offers two specialisations:

  • Administration (Office Assistant or Administrative Assistant qualifications)
  • Commercial education (Shop Assistant or Sales Assistant qualifications)

Higher education, accessible after graduation from upper secondary education(‘KVU’-programme):

  • Tourism management specialisation (2.5-year ‘SØK’ programme)
  • Arctic Guide education (0.5-year ‘Arctic Guide’ programme)
  • Adventure Guide programme (0.5-year programme)

Read about the Tourism Education Programmes in English

Professional training courses designed to meet the needs of the local labour market:

  • Competency Based Training specialised in Tourism industry (‘PKU’ training courses) IT, Languages, Communication courses (‘AMA’ training courses)

For more information please contact:

Henrik Ebbe Nielsen

Headmaster Campus Kujalleq


+299 642399